Welcoming Words of Wisdom from our Chinese Partner

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Dear Matt,

I’m thrilled to hear that you have been organizing all these students, thank you for your hard work.  I’ve specialized in leading trips to North Korea for many years now and as an ethnic Korean Chinese (조선족), I don’t have any communication problems with the North Korean people.  Because of this, I understand their situation quite personally.  I am also very happy to talk about North Korea and allow others the opportunity to know the country.  North Korea is very much a poor nation, and their political policies are rather extreme.  In that way I don’t feel like North Korea is a typically proper place to visit.  However, North Korea is a beautiful country, and the North Korean people are very warm and hospitable.  They are a nation with a long history of civilization, with their own unique and magnificent culture.  If you are able to interact directly with the North Korean people, you will find that they are actually quite wise people.  North Korea is very much worthy of a visit, not only because it is a rarely visited land, but also because you can have the opportunity to see for yourself the their political system, current state of living, and culture.  Moreover, North Korea is simply a special place, and this reason alone is why many people go to see it.  I wish you success in organizing the rest of the group for our trip to North Korea.  I will be working with you all the way with full cooperation.

I sincerely wish you good health, happiness and progress!

Mr. Kim

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